Secure SOLIDWORKS Infrastructure

SOLIDWORKS is a powerful tool for solid modeling CAD/CAE and is quickly becoming the choice for design professionals.  With so much attention paid to this platform, it’s critically important that a robust data protection plan is put in place to ensure to protect work product from data loss.

SOLIDWORKS has several backup capabilities built-in.  Carroll-Net has powerful add-ons that can dramatically enhance your data protection options. This blog post is a collection of tips and tricks you can use to protect your SOLIDWORKS work product from data loss.

Auto-RecoveryAuto-Recovery to protect against data loss from power outages and application crashes
RevisionsKeep up to 10-revisions of any model to provide the option to revert
BackupsetsSOLIDWORKS creates models, templates and settings throughout the computer filesyste. It’s important to review your backupsets to confirm each location is protected from data loss.
Copy Settings WizardPreserve your personal preferences and configurations
PDM VaultProtect central organization vault from data loss.