CncOp™ Block Level Backups

Carroll-Net’s patented CncOp™ Technology (pronounced sink-up) is a differencing engine that can perform an offsite backup sending only block level changes. This makes it possible to perform a FULL backup each night over the Internet to a Carroll-Net Datacenter. (US Patent No: 7668880)

CncOp is able to scan a file and compare it to a previous backup and transmit only those changes. For example, say you had a 20 slide presentation and today you added a new slide. CncOp would detect the change and only send the new slide. This means CncOp backups are fast.

Customizable Retention Policy

Let’s face it, not all data has the same value to your business. There are some items with very limited usefulness — and others that are the jewels of the organization. That’s why we give customers the ability to precisely control their cloud storage.

Each backup job has a retention setting which you can use to set its expiration. Any files changed or deleted will stay in your backup storage until its expiration before it’s removed. Keep previous revisions for a single day or forever. You have full control over retention.

"Encrypted Wire" Backups

Sending data over the Internet can be risky business. Threats from hackers and competitors are scary stuff. That’s why all our customers receive “Encrypted Wire” technology with CncOp. The embedded SSL/TLS encryption, ensures all data sent over the Internet is completely safe from prying eyes.

For added security, all Internet communications employ MD5 based HMAC security. This prevents so called man-in-the-middle attacks, further securing your data from interception and tampering.

Operating Systems We've Tested, aka "The Acronym Jungle"

We know the importance of supporting customers without asking them to change, so our attitude is if it’s networked, we’ll come up with a way to back it up. Here’s a list of customer operating systems we back up today: Windows XP/Pro/2000/2003/Vista/2008, Redhat,  Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, RS/6000 AIX, Novel 4.x/5.x, Mac OS-X, AS/400.

Occasionally, we’re asked to come up with ways to backup customers using alternate protocols. Here’s a list of alternate protocols we use with customers today: CIFS, NFS, HTTP/HTTPS, RCP/SCP, FTP, WebDAV and Rsync.

Unlimited Filtering

Some users seem to never cleanup old files. Ten year old pictures of family gatherings, hundreds of iTunes & YouTube downloads and every conceivable Internet program seem to find their way into their personal storage. If you’d like to stop all this from causing swollen backup times, we’ve got the solution — regular expression filters. You can write your own filters, or if your a Healthy Server customer just tell us what you want to exclude and our engineers will write the filters for you.

Deep Path & Long Filename Backups

Gone are the days of 8 character file names. Modern file names are often the length of full sentences. CncOp takes full advantage of cutting edge Unicode technology, and will backup long and deep paths — up to the NTFS™ 6.0 limit of 32,767 characters. And because CncOp uses Unicode, character sets like those used in Chinese and Japanese based computers are no problem either.

64-Bit File Size Backups

If predictions about computing teach one lesson, it’s that big is never big enough. To handle off the scale growth, CncOp backups are designed to handle files sizes up to 64-bit’s. That’s 16 exabytes of information in a single file.

Resumable Backups

Customer Internet and power outages can interrupt backups. To combat this, CncOp includes resumable backup technology. If an interruption happens, when it’s over, backups resume right from where they left off and finish sending the backup to a Carroll-Net Datacenter.

Backup Multitasking

CncOp is built for speed with the mission being to get backups offsite as fast as possible. Occasionally, CncOp will be asked to backup something large, say in the 100’s of gigabytes or even terabytes. To make sure these large files don’t slow down your other file backups, CncOp employs a backup multitasking engine.

The multitasking engine utilizes a round-robin sharing model, that gives every backup file some time. This technique ensures all files are given a chance to get back to the Datacenter quickly. The result is a fair sharing of your nightly backup window.

Optional Bandwith Limiting

By default, CncOp will send backups offsite as fast as your Internet can handle. But there are times you may want to limit how much of your Internet bandwith your backups take. For these times, CncOp supports an optional speed limit. You tell CncOp how much bandwith to use and it will stick to this limit.

Executive Backup Scheduler

For backups you can rely on, Carroll-Net provides an executive backup scheduler. It ensures customer backups happen on-time, and every day without fail. And its expressive configurability can capture an unlimited range of schedules: hourly, daily, weekly even yearly backups. If you need them to happen on time, the executive scheduler will get it done.

Automatic Software Updates

Your CncOp software comes with an optional software updater. If enabled, it will check each hour for new CncOp software and if a new releases is available it will automatically download and install updates. This keeps you up to-date with the latest technology and security enhancements.