Our use of Carroll-Net’s Healthy Service has been a “Peace of Mind” investment. It has added an outstanding safety dimension to our disaster recovery process. Having offsite file storage and retrieval has never been so easy. Being able to immediately retrieve the previous days files when users accidentally delete them without changing tapes has been a big success…I would highly recommend Carroll-Net’s service to everyone.

Greg Thompson, IT Director

We had used Carroll-Net in the past but switched to one of those remote back up services you hear advertised on TV and radio. After a few months of not knowing if our server was being completely backed up, we came back to Carroll-Net and the Healthy Server.... With Carroll-Net Healthy Server, I never worry about data recovery should we have a server crash. I know our data is safe and just a phone call away.

L. Ponzo, Senior Mgr

Carroll.Net is the all-around winner for companies who are serious about offsite backup protection. Our Carroll-Net backups services have worked flawlessly and are affordably priced. If we ever had an issue all we have to do is call and the friendly people at Carroll-Net take care of us right away. We have been very pleased with Carvroll-net and would definitely recommend them to any company looking for off-site backup services.

April Haas, Director QA/QC

I have been using Healthy Server for over 5 years now. Setup could not have been easier. With Healthy Server, the prior days backup files appear in folders on your server, you just see Windows Explorer to restore files to their original locations. The tech support has been excellent. The backups work flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with the support and with the cost.

A.Murphy, Controller

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we've been with your excellent product and services since we implemented it here in 2006. It's relieved us of the daily routines associated with data backups and provided us with a reliable method of data recovery

Karen Bergstrand, IT Manager

We can access the backup onsite from the server that they install onsite. It is a pleasure to go in and copy a file that needs to be restored. [Healthy Service] is a very rational and easy system to install maintain and that is comforting in this irrational world.

Abraham Guttman, Owner

Since 1999, Carroll-Net has been an important asset to our business. The seamless integration of [Healthy Service] has made a sometimes over-whelming and confusing project a simple and pleasurable experience. Carroll-Net has a professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff that has always been able to assist us.

Roberta Connolly, Director