Free Backup Server

Each customer receives their own Carroll-Net backup server installed in their office. This server holds a full backup of their data onsite so recovery is always quick and painless.

And having a free backup server onsite provides additional benefits:

Free Onsite Snapshots

Each Healthy Server performs daily snapshots using Microsoft™ Volume Shadow Copy. Customers tell us this is an excellent feature — knowing their snapshots are easily browseable from their network. The Healthy Server uses unallocated disk space, so there’s no charge for free onsite snapshots.

Embedded LoJack Theft Protection

To protect the server from theft, each Healthy Server is equipped with LoJack™ Theft Recovery. If a server is ever stolen, law enforcement will track the thieves. The technology works, even if the thieves try to disassemble the server. And each server is equipped with a data shredder, which enables Carroll-Net to remotely erase customer data from stolen equipment.

Carroll-Net Monitoring and Management

An onsite Healthy Server provides Carroll-Net engineers with a reliable monitoring station from which they can ensure your network and backups are working correctly and even take proactive steps to fix issues before they become serious.