Keeping our nation’s secrets from the enemy

There is a cyber war going on and enemy nation states are probing your businesses defenses for weaknesses hourly. As a DOD Contractor, your firm is required by law to protect our nation’s information assets entrusted to your care. The scope of the assets is sweeping; from the drawings to bills-of-materials and everything in between.

The DOD has made it clear – protection of these information assets are now your responsibility. Each RFP you submit requires your firm to agree to maintain your business defenses in strict compliance with their cyber specifications. Failure to meet the rules means lost business, and enforcement is provided by the False Claims Act (FCA).

The Cybersecurity requirements are codified in the NIST special publication 800-171. They are sweeping in scope and impact every element of your operation. There are rules about hiring new staff, training your personnel, controlling the flow of information and documenting everything you do in writing.

Carroll-Net services to help you meet your obligations.

Gap Analysis

Carroll-Net can quickly identify gaps in your NIST compliance and create a series of succinct steps to eliminate them. The key is to quickly map your path to minimum compliance and guarantee compliance before you’re audited by the DOD.

Document Security Policies

Creating a written security policy is a big part of the compliance but most technical staff loath the task. If your written document is thin, Carroll-Net can fill in the missing pieces and ensure your docs match your policies.

Automate Network Vulnerability Scanning

Automated vulnerability scanning your network is a great way to keep your network buttoned up against hackers. As a defense contractor, you qualify for access to the SPAWAR scanner and there’s no charge from the DOD. We’ll get you your license and assist you deploying this powerful automation.

NIST Compliant Datacenter Hosting

Carroll-Net has a wide range of Datacenter hosting services for DOD Contractors and all are DFARs, NIST 800-171 and ITAR compliant. We can tailor an offering to your organization and get you running in no time.

NIST Quick Reference

Carroll-Net has authored a NIST 800-171 quick reference guide we make available to all DOD Contractors. The document includes the full 110 requirements and embeds the specific guidance for each recommendation required by the DOD for contractor compliance. Call us Toll-Free (888)432-1638 to request your free copy.

Carroll-Net was founded in 1994 with the singular goal of providing datacenter services our clients require at a price they can afford, delivered everywhere they need them. The industry now calls this cloud services — we call it common sense.