One-click SimpleInstaller

Having simple tools makes on site service calls go smooth. That’s why we created a one-click SimpleInstaller – to make your life easier. The SimpleInstaller will download the latest Carroll-Net backup agent from the Internet and install it on any computer. No more having to search for the right software version, or chase down extra packages or dependencies.

The SimpleInstaller is a Windows executable that downloads the latest version of Healthy Workstation, extracts the software locally and installs it. It also downloads and installs the CcsUpdater application which will make sure your client always has the latest Healthy Workstation security patches and enhancements.

You can download your copy of SimpleInstaller, Or give us a call, and we’ll ship you a few copies on business card sized CD’s – easy to slip in your pocket to take on your next service call.

Video Tutorials

Carroll-Net now has an online video channel for our growing library of video tutorials. Each is a brief nugget of information that focuses on one specific topic; Backup Jobs, Data Recovery, Job Filters, and more. View the Channel.

This month, we’ve created a Tutorial on using Job Filters. The video walks though the process of constructing a filter using Regular Expressions. The tutorial provides a simple introduction to the technology with progression through increasing levels of ability. After watching this video, you’ll find tons of uses for this powerful technology.

We’re already working on the next installments of video tutorials. But let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll move this to top of the list.

Software Enhancements

There were several important enhancements this month to the Backup Agent. The most significant was to optimize the backup of small files. Previously, the Backup Agent would top out at transferring 3 to 4 small files offsite per second.

In most environments, this was acceptable performance, but for some systems, such as email servers that handle hundreds of thousands of small files, this limit was an impediment to timely backups. With the new enhancements the system is now capable of transferring up to 100 files per second.

If you’ve enabled Carroll-Net’s Updater, your clients will automatically receive the latest enhancements. If you haven’t turned on this service yet, now’s a good time to do so. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the simple process.

Let’s Get Together

Carroll-Net engineers are traveling around country, talking to partners about our Backup solutions. If you’re anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic; CT, NY, NJ, PA, let us know. We’ll come to your office and even bring the coffee. (888)432-1638.

If you’re outside our region and you’d like to meet, drop us an email and when we’ve reached your area we’ll be sure to contact you.