Healthy Server Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase Questions

  1. Is there a fee for the onsite server?

    No. The Backup Server from Carroll-Net is free. And it’s warranted for the life of your subscription. If there’s ever any trouble, Carroll-Net will replace it free of charge.

  2. How can I get a free trial?

    You can get a free 30 day trial by contacting us toll free (888)432-1638. If you’re not completely satisfied, just return the system at the end of your trial and you owe nothing. Or keep it and only pay for what you use.

  3. How can I get support?

    As a Healthy Server customer, you get free, unlimited support. Just call our support staff at (201)488-1332. If you prefer email, send your support requests to

Backup Questions

  1. How does the backup work?

    You get Carroll-Net’s patented Three Way Backup™; automatically on your site nightly, remotely to our site nightly and then archived at our datacenter.


    Here’s how it works. We’ll do the backing up of your data files nightly at your site and at our Datacenter, then we archive the data.


    Should your server crash, your data will be available to you immediately from the Carroll-Net server we locate at your office.


    Should the worst happen and you are prohibited access to your offices, you will have access to all of your data that is stored at our Datacenter. You can restore directly over the Internet, or ask us to overnight your data on a hard drive.

  2. Will backups overwhelm my Internet?

    Carroll-Net’s patented backup engine has technology embedded to only transmit changes. This technology ensures the smallest most compressed transmission possible.


    For those instances where clients have many large changes, the Healthy Server has optional bandwidth filters. At your request, we’ll activate this filters to make sure your backups never overwhelm your Internet.


    For your first backup (the so called “seed” backup) we offer clients a free backup to hard drive, which can be shipped postal delivery. Once the hard drive arrives in our Datacenter, a quick sync will bring everything up to-date, and from then, only nightly changes need to be sent over your Internet.

  3. How long can I keep my backups?

    Retention is 100% within your control.


    Unless instructed, Carroll-Net backups will default to 90 days of changes and deletions.  That means you can retrieve a deleted or changed file up to 90 days.  And only after a change is older than that will it expire from your backups.


    You can adjust this retention to as long (or as short) as you require. And retention is a feature of each job, so you can get very fine grained with your retention policy.

  4. Can I archive my backups?

    Any backup that you plan to keep unchanged is called an archive. This can be a convenience if you’d like one last backup before you retire an old server.


    To archive you backups, each job has a Suspend option.  Once suspended, the CncOp scheduler will stop running the job (but of course you can still run it by hand if you choose).


    You can also set the job retention to zero, which means to never expire old backups. This will be useful if you plan to periodically run the job by hand, but want to ensure old backups are never expired.

Restore Questions

  1. How can I do restore?

    Restores are a snap. Just connect to your Healthy Server using the supplied password and copy the data back to your server.


    If you need backups from the past, right click a folder and select Restore previous versions.


    If what you want is older than what’s available on your Healthy Server, just surf over to your Cloud Control Panel and click on Restore. You can restore a single file, a folder or an entire server. You can even ask for the restored data to be shipped to you on an external hard drive.


  2. If my building has a disaster, how do I get my data and how fast?

    Just contact us on our support at (201) 488-1332. Let us know the format you’d like, and we’ll recover your data and express ship it to you overnight.

  3. Can you help protect us from crypto locker virus?

    Absolutely. Your best defense against the crypto locker virus is to make sure you have a solid backup.  If infected, just restore from last nights backup.



  1. Where is client data stored?

    All backups are sent to one of Carroll-Net’s Datacenters. All Carroll-Net Datacenters are located within the continental United States. Your data never leaves US borders.

  2. How is client data encrypted?

    Data is always encrypted when it moves across the Internet using SSL/TLS encryption.


    The data is not encrypted on your Healthy Server. The reason is simple — if we encrypted the backups, then there is always a risk of a lost key. Without the key, a customer would be blocked from accessing their own data.


    Once the data arrives in a Carroll-Net Datacenter, it is stored in our proprietary file system containers and is secure from unauthorized access.

  3. Who has access to client data?

    Only a limited group of Carroll-Net’s employees will ever have access to your data. Each have passed background checks and have signed both confidentiality and code of conduct clauses in their employment agreements.


    Each Carroll-Net employee with access to client data is also a US citizen or a green card holder with legal alien status, living in the United State permanently. And each takes part in our annual cyber security audit.

  4. What do you monitor?

    Carroll-Net has three categories of monitoring:

    • First, we monitor your organization’s servers. We check them several times a day to make sure they are accessible. If we detect a problem we’ll contact you, and help you to recover.
    • The second category of monitoring is the Healthy Server itself. We check it continuously to ensure it’s functioning correctly, and has enough resources to complete a backup. If it doesn’t, we’ll analyze the trouble and automatically initiate repair or replacement.
    • And the Third category of monitoring is your Backup Jobs.  Your backup jobs are logged, monitored and scanned by our Backup engineers. Anything goes amiss, and we’re investigating the cause and running the jobs by hand. If we detect a problem in your network, we’ll even call you to explain the problem and help you resolve it.

    There is no charge for monitoring and all Healthy Server repairs or replacements are free of charge.

  5. Is Healthy Server HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. Healthy Server is fully compatible with the Business Associate provisions of HIPAA. Contact our sales staff for more details at (888)432-1638. We will execute a copy of our Business Associate Agreements for your compliance binder.


  1. Is there software to install?

    Healthy Server customers do not install any software.  Our backup model is pulled backups. The software driver is the healthy server itself, and each night it pulls the backups from the client’s servers. These backups are then sent up to the Carroll-Net Datacenter in a consolidated fashion.

  2. Is it rack-mountable?

    The Server can be rack mounted using a shelf or tray. We recommend the 13” Relay Rack Shelf (part number 2USHL-020HALF-13V) from