Protect PDM Vault

A PDM Vault is a power tool for storing and sharing work between engineers.  Once checked into the Vault, each drawing, model, part and assembly becomes work another engineer can build on.  Revisions, enhancements and rapid reuse are powerful tools.

A PDM Vault needs special data protections against data loss. The information in the vault is store in two storage tanks; a SQL Server and an Archive Folder on the hard drive.  The SQL Server acts as the directory for how to find drawings. It contains the data cards and project descriptions, and it points to where on the hard drive the models and materials can be retrieved from.  Both locations need protection to ensure reliable operations.

PDM Vault Standard ships with Microsoft SQL Server Express, which lacks the Microsoft SQL tools such as a data backup system. SQL Server Express requires you to create and manage your own backups. 

This is where Carroll-Net Healthy Server comes in. It has built-in facility for backing up PDM Vault infrastructures. It can backup both the SQL Server and the on disk archive ensuring you have reliable backup.  And Healthy Server is fully managed. It means Carroll-Net engineers will be directly responsible for ensuring you get a solid backup each night, both onsite and offsite backup to protect you from local building disasters.