cncopgetprofile - download jobs#



Connect to the cncop network and download the backup jobs assigned to this device. Also check for software updates, and if updates exist, notify the ccs3updater module.

It’s intended that the cncopgetprofile module be run hourly to check for changes to the backup jobs assigned to this device. The changes are download from the cncop network and stored locally in Config/backupjobs.db database.

Software updates#

With each connection to the cncop network, the cncopgetprofile module also checks for software updates. If any updates exists, a message is sent to the ccs3updater process which is listening on UDP port 9998.

The auto software update process can be disabled in the Config/cncop3.ini, by setting autoupdate to Off in the [version] section.

Open firewall request#

Carroll-Net’s network employs a strict set of firewall policies. Occasionally, these policies interfere with a registered device performing backup services. To detect and report when this happens, cncopgetprofile monitors policy changes, and reports unintentional blockages to the cncop network.

Command line options#

usage: [-?] [-d] [-c CONFIG] [--noupdate] [--update] [--recreate]

Optional argument:#

?, -h, --help#

Display help and exit

-d, --debug#

Generate diagnostic logging. The output is directed to the Spool/Logs folder and can be viewed using the cncop watcher scripts.

-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG#

Alternate configuration file.


Disable the check for software updates.


Force a check for software update, even if autoupdate is disabled in the Config/cncop.ini files.


Force backupjobs database to be recreated. Typically used to deploy schema changes.

class cncopgetprofile.CncOpGetProfile(args)[source]

Retrieve the profile for this device


application driver


Called to check/request firewall be opened


Extract jobs from xml doc, store in jobdb


Check whether there is new software for us


process main driver


Run cncopreporter to upload reports to cncop network