backupagentdq - cloud backup dequeuer agent#


Watches the work queues for new items and uploads them to the cncop network. The program will stay running so long as there are transactions to process or the backupagentnq is running.

Command line options#

usage: backupagentdq [-?] [-d] [-d] [-c CONFIG] [--maxbacklog MAXBACKLOG] [--chunksize CHUNKSIZE] [-n]

Optional argument:#

?, -h, --help#

Display help and exit

-d, --debug#

Generate diagnotic logging.

-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG#

Alternate configuration file.

--maxbacklog MAXBACKLOG#

The maximum number of items to store in backlog before flushing to datacenter (default 150). Setting to a lower value (such as 3) when adding thousands of very large files will improve the initial seed load.

--chunksize CHUNKSIZE#

The largest block of uploaded bytes to the cncop Network (default 10-MB). Any files larger than this value will be truncated to this size and then moved to the end of the queue. This round-robin system is referred to as chunk-multitasking and prevents large files monopolizing the the network.

-n, --dryrun#

If we are passed this option, end immediately. We recognize the option because it was passed to the cncopagent which passed it through to us which means the operator intended dryrun which means there is no need to run the Dequeuer.